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Animal Control 

Any person living within the limits of the town that owns or keeps a dog or cat shall, pay an annual license fee. Tags shall be renewed yearly.
Neutered/spayed dog or cat- $5.00 
Unneutered/unspayed dog or cat- $15.00
Animals and Fowl at Large:
No person owning or having custody of dogs, cats, animals or fowl shall permit the same to go at large within the corporate limits of the Town. Any such animal or fowl will be deemed to be "at large" when it is upon the property of a person other than the owner or upon any public property and not leashed or under the control of the owner and obedient to the owners command. Such action is declared to be a nuisance and dangerous to the public health and safety.
Mary Fugle 
Animal Control Officer/
Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

Performs a variety of technical duties in the support of the Town's local code enforcement program; monitors and enforces variety of applicable ordinances, codes and regulations related to zoning, land use, nuisance housing, building codes, health and safety, blight, graffiti, water waste and other matters of public concern; and serves a resource and provides information on Town regulations to property owners, residents, businesses, the general public, and other Town departments and divisions.
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