Municipal Court

The Marbleton Municipal Court meets the third Wednesday of every month at 2 pm in the council room at Marbleton Town Hall. Cases are originated by the Municipal Officer issuing a citation for violation of a municipal ordinance, at which time the offender may choose to pay the fine or challenge the citation in open court.


All cases in the Marbleton Municipal Court are misdemeanors and may include violations involving:

  • Animal Control Violations

  • Nuisance

  • Property Appearance

  • Public Intoxication

Defendants are entitled to five rights which include:

  • The right to be represented by legal counsel

  • The right to request the court appoint an attorney if the defendant can prove that they do not have the financial means to pay for legal counsel and the merits of the case allow for appointment of counsel

  • The right to remain silent

  • The right to a fair and impartial trial by judge or jury at which time the defendant can present evidence on their behalf, challenge evidence presented by the prosecutor, call witnesses to testify, and cross-examine witnesses presented by the prosecution

  • The right to an appeal, where the district court will review the findings and punishment and determine if the court erred in judgment and sentence.

Sam Bixler 
Municipal Judge